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Tri-County Electric

Commercial / Industrial Power

Tri-County Electric specializes in electrical services for large-scale commercial, institutional, and industrial projects. As an electrical service contractor, We design and construct power distribution and data communication systems in diverse and complex environments, including healthcare, manufacturing, and biotech facilities. We also handle heavy industrial and hazardous locations, in addition to private and public-sector environments and public-sector environments.

Our highway construction capabilities include:

  • Guide rail maintenance, installation, repair, and replacement
  • Impact attenuators and work zone barriers
  • Highway landscaping and erosion control
  • Commercial fence
  • Highway and traffic signage

Our people make the difference.

As a business that offers Tri-County electric services and relies heavily on manpower, we prioritize our strengths. We invest in our employees and view them as a valuable strategic asset. All of our field workers are licensed electricians, with many of them being either master-level electricians or on track to achieve this designation. Our workforce has an average tenure that is three times longer than the national average of our industry.

Since 1975, we have been running a certified commercial electrician apprenticeship program that spans four years and is recognized by the US Department of Labor. The program is based on NCCER curriculum standards.

Our team of professionals, consisting of individuals with engineering and design backgrounds, work closely together during project pre-planning to ensure smooth workflows and maximum efficiency. Our in-house CAD technicians utilize Building Information Modeling (BIM), a form of 3D drafting technology that serves as a powerful visualization tool. It supports owner engagement and helps to minimize on-site downtime, leading to predictable results.