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Line Construction and Maintenance

Line construction was the core of our business at its inception in 1940 and remains a key part of our work today. We have deep technical expertise in high-voltage transmission, distribution, and substation construction, and a long history as a contractor for some of the nation’s largest utilities, independent and alternative energy producers, and the global telecom industry.

Our company offers a wide range of electrical construction and line maintenance services to specific customers in the energy industry, focusing on providing support to different power producers.

Mine Site Surface Infrastructure

Our line construction and maintenance services focus on company specializes in building and maintaining the electrical infrastructure off or underground mines, preparation plants, and processing facilities. As a highly regulated industry, we prioritize environmental, safety, and health concerns and maintain a comprehensive safety program to meet all compliance mandates. Our employees are certified by the Mine Safety & Health Administration (MSHA) for work on mining property.

Additionally, we are a verified Member/Contractor with ISNetworld®, a third-party organization that validates self-reported contractor data about quality and safety.

Our capabilities include:

  • Construction and maintenance of wood and steel pole power lines, overhead and underground.
  • Construction and maintenance of wood and steel substations.
  • Electrical system rebuilds and expansions.
  • Inspection, troubleshooting, and emergency repairs to electrical facilities.
  • Storm and Disaster Response for Electric Utility emergency power restoration
  • Installation and maintenance of telecommunication copper and fiber lines, poles, and equipment.
  • Secondary services, including clearing, mowing, and herbicides treatment of sites and right-of-way’s for coal, gas, and oil-related applications.

We are a Certified
ISNetworld Contractor.