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Impact Attenuators

Crash Cushion Installation and Maintenance

We specialize in installing and maintaining impact attenuators for both temporary and permanent highway applications. Our focus is on providing units that meet project standards for protection, even in extreme environments.

We offer a range of crash cushion attenuator units that can be customized to address specific work zone requirements such as traffic speed, anchoring/transition methods, and other variables. Whether it's a large-scale or megaproject, we have the expertise to handle the placement of multiple units and high-volume corridors with extreme traffic conditions.

With a large working inventory of highway impact attenuation devices and attenuator replacement parts, we can quickly provide on-site maintenance services when needed. We understand that maintenance is a high priority and have the capabilities to respond within critical timeframes.

In addition to temporary work zone applications, we also install traffic impact attenuators as components of permanent traffic barriers. This is particularly useful in locations where traditional end treatments are ineffective.