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Herbicide Application

Herbicide Management Solutions

We provide comprehensive herbicide application and control solutions for integrated vegetation management programs that safeguard infrastructure against encroaching plant growth. Our capabilities include:

  • Transmission and distribution right-of-way maintenance for electric utilities.
  • Right-of-way clearing for pipeline operators.
  • Roadside vegetation control on public highways.
  • Chemical brush control at commercial/industrial sites.

We invest in specialized technologies and equipment to tackle challenging right-of-way conditions and find unique, adaptive ways to use them. We work directly with equipment manufacturers to engineer modifications to standard units for use in off-road environments. We use GPS guidance and mapping to improve the accuracy and efficiency of mechanized broadcast spraying.

We cultivate strong working relationships with herbicide manufacturers to identify methods that broaden the herbicide application window and maximize results and use combination mowing as a more efficient alternative to traditional methods of distribution corridor maintenance. Using the Brown Brush Monitor™, which combines mowing with low-volume (cut stubble) spraying in a single step, we can reduce stem density and lengthen maintenance cycles of corridors traditionally maintained via mechanical or foliar spraying alone.

We also employ skilled equipment operators and experienced employees who are licensed commercial herbicide applicators and registered herbicide technicians