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Tree and Right of Way

Vegetation Management Solutions

For over 75 years, Penn Line has been committed to utility-related forestry. Currently, we provide vegetation management services to some of the biggest energy producers and highway systems in the country. We are a single source for broad capabilities in all aspects of vegetation management, including:

  • Electric distribution line maintenance
  • Electric transmission right-of-way maintenance
  • Large-scale capital clearing for right-of-way corridors
  • Pipeline mowing and right-of-way maintenance
  • Cell site/gas well site preparation (including access-related construction)
  • Mechanical side trimming
  • Comprehensive herbicide management methods
  • Forestry management services
  • Storm restoration services

The Penn Line Advantage

At Penn Line, we prioritize quality in everything we do. This quality-centric approach is woven into our culture, management, and organization, making us one of the most trusted utility vegetation management companies in the industry.

We prioritize developing a talented and committed workforce who take pride in their profession. Our employees are encouraged to take ownership of their work and strive to achieve the company's objectives. This creates a culture of enthusiasm and dedication among our workers.

We prioritize safety management by implementing it at the field level to ensure compliance and accountability. We have dedicated full-time trainers who work alongside our employees to provide hands-on coaching on safe work practices in real-world scenarios.

Our strategy for maximizing productivity and efficiency involves maintaining a fleet of specialized vehicles that are all up-to-date.

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