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Industrial Electric

Industrial Electric Operations

We are experts in designing and installing electrical systems for heavy industrial and Class 1 hazardous locations, ensuring that our industrial electrical services keep their operations running smoothly and safely.. We work hand-in-hand with some of the region’s major midstream oil and natural gas producers to build their processing and transport infrastructure.

Our industrial electric services and capabilities include:

  • Power and control wiring at mainline natural gas compressor stations and metering stations at pipeline interconnection sites.
  • Specialty work in glycol dehydration (also known as “dehy”), a process which removes water vapor from natural gas before it enters the pipeline; cathodic protection (CP), a technique that uses electric current to control corrosion of underground pipelines; and grounding systems for pipeline infrastructure.
  • Conformance to an ultrahigh standard of workmanship required at Class I sites to guard against threats of fire or explosion. Our employees are trained in using specialized monitoring systems and meticulous installation methods to avoid igniting flammable gases and vapors.