Pavement Markers

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Expert raised pavement marker & lens installation

Penn Line acquired DW Miller, Inc. in 2015, enabling us to add the installation of pavement markers to our growing abilities.  

Headquartered in Central Pennsylvania for more than five decades, DW Miller Inc. is ideally positioned to serve 25% of the total lane mileage and 25% of the population in the United States.  When considering total job costs and response time, DW Miller provides a significant advantage over contractors from outside the region.

Pre-qualified in PA, MD, VA and WV for the installation of temporary, raised and snow plowable raised marking systems from Hallen, Rayolite and Ennis-Flint; DW Miller has the experience and equipment to provide prime or sub-contract services anywhere in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast US.

Local experience

We’re also proud to hire a local workforce and provide them with a safe, steady working environment.  In fact, in the routinely seasonal industry of pavement marking services, the average tenure of DW Miller Employees is more than 10 years.  The benefit to our clients is a seasoned workforce with the experience to perform your project safer and more efficiently than a contractor with a temporary or high turnover work force.

Plan for success

The pavement marking industry is highly specialized and so is the equipment.  In addition to our commitment to preventative maintenance, all major equipment is placed on a standard replacement cycle.  Our goal is to have the latest rolling fleet in the business.  It’s not just a matter of aesthetics. A modern fleet helps provide a safer working environment for our employees and lower costs to our customers with fewer “down time due to maintenance” events.