Guardrail & Fence

Guardrail, Commercial Fence & Signage

As one of the Mid-Atlantic’s best-known highway safety contractors, we’ve been at work on the transportation infrastructure for more than 40 years. We install and maintain traffic barrier systems and containment structures on public roadways in some of the country’s most densely populated areas, with a hard-earned reputation built on a passion for precision and delivery of consistent results on schedule.

We anticipate challenges before they happen.

Critical attention to pre-construction planning is one of the keys to our long life in this industry.

  • We expand the estimating process to anticipate specific resources required for a seamless installation. From billion-dollar megaprojects to small-scale municipal ventures, we use our knowledge and understanding to “fill in the gaps” and predict potential roadblocks before they arise.
  • We work to ensure that our certified traffic control personnel can guard the work zone even in difficult circumstances like nighttime operations, high-speed lane closures, etc.

Our capabilities include:

  • New and retrofit guide rail construction: W-beam and Thrie-beam galvanized steel, powder-coated steel, weathering steel (COR-TEN®), structure-mounted, high tension cable, and steel-backed timber
  • Guide rail transitions and end treatments
  • Ground and surface-mounted delineators
  • Temporary and permanent impact attenuators
  • Guide rail maintenance

We also install and maintain:

  • Fence for commercial applications, including right-of-way containment, bridge protection, security and perimeter protection, and farm and field fence
  • Signs – Permanent highway and traffic signs to conform to federal, state and local requirements, including ground-mounted signs, regulatory and warning signs, guide and wayfinding signs, street name signs, overhead and cantilever sign structures, and specialty/custom signs

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