Right-of-Way Clearing

Right-of-Way and Land Clearing

Penn Line has the equipment, operators and expertise to perform a wide range of right-of-way and land clearing projects. Penn Line has performed clearing services for oil and gas, utility, roadway, municipal and private industry.

  • To be successful in large scale clearing projects, Penn Line believes you have to have the right equipment for the job. We are firm believers in creating efficiencies and safety through the use of mechanized equipment.
  • We maintain a large land clearing fleet that includes:
    • tracked feller-bunchers with hotsaw heads
    • landing loaders with delimbers
    • log trucks and trailers
    • whole tree chippers
    • horizontal grinders
    • chip trailers
    • excavators
    • dozers
    • tracked and wheeled mulching machines.
  • We understand the importance of deadlines and evaluate resources, plans, and project timelines to meet the deadlines on all projects.
  • We are organized to quickly respond to our customers’ needs. Whether we are using timber cutters or mechanized equipment, our plans must meet our customers’ objectives.

Environmental compliance

Environment compliance is critical on clearing projects. Whether we are fueling up our equipment or working near wetlands, we take the appropriate efforts to ensure environmental compliance is the top priority. Penn Line has the ability to install all the erosion and sediment controls on your project to eliminate environmental concerns, including silt sock, stone entrances, water bars, diversion ponds, and matting.


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