Fleet Operations

Strategic fleet management

We maintain a highly diversified, late model fleet of licensed motor vehicles and off-road units to meet the distinct needs of our operating segments. Our fleet is the backbone of our business, and our strategic, disciplined approach to fleet management supports the quality of our work and our ability to stay competitive in the marketplace.

  • We use lifecycle cost analysis to determine optimal replacement schedules, in order to drive down repair costs and increase operational efficiencies.
  • We optimize utilization through the use of financial modeling techniques, and support other key performance metrics with industry-standard benchmarking.
  • We understand the impact of technological innovation on work performance, and push new technologies to the field aggressively. We participate in functional prototype testing, as well as other early access opportunities, with a select group of national and global manufacturers.


On-demand support and custom capabilities

Our Scottdale campus is home to a dedicated facility that houses comprehensive service and support functions for the fleet. The facility functions as a strategic resource, and brings a level of accountability and control to the maintenance function not possible through outsourcing alone.The facility also houses a custom fabrication shop with full machine shop and welding capabilities that allow us to manufacture units uniquely specific to job requirements, and unavailable in the marketplace. We work directly with manufacturers to engineer modifications and conversions that adapt standard units for use in extreme off-road environments and other demanding conditions.

Other key aspects of the facility include:

  • Staffed by technicians certified in hydraulic, truck and heavy duty equipment repairs
  • Accommodations for heavy equipment service, truck body upfitting and specialized fabrication
  • Advanced reconditioning and refinishing capabilities