Learning is a fundamental part of life at Penn Line.

We understand the strong link between a solid, skilled workforce and our long-term success. To do the job right the first time; to keep employees safe from harm; to meet the challenges in our diverse markets; and to sustain a competitive advantage—it all comes down to developing talent at all levels of the organization.

Each of our business units supports technical training designed to develop key skills and distinctive competencies unique to that sector. Full-time trainers embedded with operations provide instruction, coaching and feedback on core work techniques and critical safety practices.

Our Workforce Development program connects our field-based training with classroom learning, and applies adult learning strategies to make learning stick. Using a mix of custom in-house curriculum and outsourced vendors, the program offers training solutions to a broad base of employees, and supports an environment of continuous learning where training is an ongoing process.

Key components of the program include:

  • Building teaching skillsets for inside technical staff
  • Making formal training active and experiential
  • Cultivating management and leadership skills in key managers
  • Developing up-and-coming talent to support succession planning