Safety is a part of every decision we make.

Safety is about more than our reputation. A solid safety track record is a bread-and-butter qualification for any contractor, but here at Penn Line safety is more. It is a fundamental ethical obligation.

We live our philosophy.

  • We ensure that safety is aligned with our business goals, and that productivity never trumps safety.
  • We support a comprehensive safety program that combines traditional elements with human performance safety, an approach that seeks to influence employee attitudes and behaviors before accidents happen.
  • We champion a zero accident workplace, and foster an open safety culture where employees are actively engaged in the safety process and empowered with the authority to stop any work that may put them at risk.
  • We invest heavily in safety training and education, and use adult learning strategies to ensure that learning “sticks.”
  • We track safety performance data to know our risk factors and learn from our experience. We hold our managers accountable for results.


Penn Line Service is a verified Member/Contractor with ISNetworld®. Prospective customers may review our credentials and conformance information upon request.