Officers and Key Personnel

David W. Lynn

David W. Lynn is the President of Penn Line Service, and a Director of the Corporation since 2003.

Before being named President, Mr. Lynn served as the Corporation’s Equipment Center Manager. He has been with the organization for 37 years.

He began his education with an Associate degree in Specialized Technology and now holds an Associate degree in Business Management.

Mr. Lynn is a current Director and a past President of the Regional YMCA of the Laurel Highlands. He is a previous Chair for the Greater Pittsburgh Chapter of the National Association of Fleet Administrators (NAFA) locally and has served Nationally on the NAFA Board of Governors and Corporate Advisory Council. He has also served as a member of the diesel program advisory board for Rosedale Technical College in Pittsburgh.

Senior Management
Management Team

Ron Hill, Vice President of Roadside, Reclamation & Landscape operations; Mike Mongell, Vice President of Tree & Right-of-Way operations; Greg Collins, Vice President of Commercial Electric operations; and Sam Liston, Vice President of Line operations